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PDesk is no more maintained by me. Please use the Progect’s Yahoo Group to contact the actual maintainer. Please note that I won’t reply to PDesk related mails anymore.

Plugins for PDesk (import/export). These are not included in PDesk distribution and are hosted by the Progect Yahoo Group.

Download the third public beta !!!

PDesk is now released under GPL, you’ll find it at SourceForge.

Note that a conduit uninstaller is now included in PDesk distribution. Moreover, you’ll find a "conduit" directory in PDesk directory, where you have the uninstaller, and a "bat" file to reinstall the conduit.

Free key, you’ll need it if you want to be able to use the beta3 of PDesk. This is a new free key that completely removes the limits of the beta3. Just unzip this file in your PDesk installation directory.

Be sure to also update Progect to version 0.25 (included in the PDesk beta 3 installer)

Plugins developers, see the developer’s page[d] for some documentation.

This application will run under :

  • Windows (the only one actually)
  • Linux (runs from the source if dependencies are correct)

The bidirectional hotsync does only work under Windows. Anyway, it will always be possible to open a PDB file, edit it and install it back to the palm.

The main features of PDesk are :

  • Bidirectionnal HotSync with your Palm
  • Maximal information appears directly in the tree view
    • Type of task (info, action, progress, numeric)
    • Progress state
    • Priority
    • Icon (from your DateBK3 icon file)
    • Description
    • Due Date
    • Note existance
  • Moreover, you can specify a special formatting (bold, color) for:
    • Overdue items
    • Soon due items
    • High priority items
  • Hide done tasks
  • Cut/Copy/Paste branches
  • Copy/Paste children
  • Complete position control, you can move the branches easily
  • Configurable tree font
  • Print
  • Plugins architecture
    • Export to HTML, text
    • More export format through the import/export plugin architecture
    • You can write your own import/export plugins in Python
    • Import from text
    • Other import/export by plugins
      • MS Project export
      • HTML (other templates)
      • other applications
  • Flat view with configurable filter
  • International character set support
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